Terms and Conditions

This document establishes the terms and conditions under which "PROYECTO PARA EL DESARROLLO DE LA INDUSTRIA DEL VESTIDO S.C." hereinafter referred to as "THE INSTITUTION," will provide to "THE STUDENT:" , declaring the electronic contact as , the workshops, credits, or subjects included in "THE PROGRAM"  will be conducted from the moment these Terms and Conditions are agreed upon, in accordance with the following statements and clauses.

No part of this Website is intended to constitute a contractual offer capable of acceptance. Your order constitutes a contractual offer and Our acceptance of that offer is deemed to occur upon Our sending a confirmation email to you indicating that your order has been accepted.


I. "THE INSTITUTION" DECLARES that it is a legally constituted Civil Society in accordance with the laws of the United Mexican States, whose main activity is to develop and provide educational and cultural programs focused on the training of specialized profiles for the fashion and clothing industry. The representative declares to have the capacity and sufficient powers to enter into this contract, and these have not been revoked or modified in any way.

II. "THE STUDENT" DECLARES to be a natural person with full legal capacity to enter into this contract.

III. "THE INSTITUTION" DECLARES that, for the purposes of this contract, the following definitions must be considered: 

PROGRAM: A series of theoretical and practical academic activities developed over a period of time.

STUDENT: An individual enrolled in "A PROGRAM" offered by "THE INSTITUTION" in any of its modalities and study options.

TUTOR: A professional dedicated to teaching or carrying out actions related to teaching in specific areas of the fashion industry at "THE INSTITUTION."

VIOLATION: An act that occurs when the provisions of this contract and other regulations established by "THE INSTITUTION" are violated or breached.

ENROLLMENT: The administrative process through which "THE STUDENT" establishes a relationship with "THE INSTITUTION."RE-ENROLLMENT: The process through which "THE STUDENT" renews their relationship with "THE INSTITUTION."

MODALITY: The process by which "THE STUDENT" receives education within the "PROGRAM." In light of the foregoing, both parties agree to be bound by the following clauses.


1. First.- Object

a) "THE INSTITUTION" will provide "THE STUDENT" with the subjects of the "PROGRAM" , in an online modality.

b) The programs may be undertaken in different modalities and educational options authorized by "THE INSTITUTION" in accordance with its current educational offerings.

c) "THE STUDENT" acknowledges awareness of this contract and undertakes to fulfill the requirements to be entitled to attendance and accreditation of the corresponding work certificate following the attendance and accreditation of the "PROGRAM" , provided by "THE INSTITUTION."

d) The days and schedules of each academic module that constitutes the "PROGRAM" will be communicated prior to the commencement of each module.  


2. Second. - Enrollment and Re-enrollment

a) The payment of "THE ENROLLMENT" made by "THE STUDENT"  is valid for 24 months, to participate in the described programs, and there will be no refund under any circumstances.

b) "RE-ENROLLMENT": At the end of the validity of "THE ENROLLMENT," "THE STUDENT" will have the right to "RE-ENROLLMENT" in "THE INSTITUTION" as long as they have not violated any of the provisions outlined later.

c) The programs may be undertaken in different modalities and educational options authorized by the institution in accordance with its current educational offerings during the period.

d) "THE INSTITUTION" will provide the plans and syllabi for each of "THE PROGRAMS" prior to "ENROLLMENT" or "RE-ENROLLMENT" of "THE STUDENT" in "THE INSTITUTION." Nevertheless, they have the opportunity to attend the first three sessions, during which they may choose to change the "PROGRAM" within the period covered by "ENROLLMENT" or "RE-ENROLLMENT." In the case of a change of "PROGRAM," this request must be submitted to Academic Coordination within a time not exceeding 3 sessions once "THE PROGRAM" has started.

3. Third.- Payments

a) "THE STUDENT" undertakes to timely cover the total cost of "THE PROGRAM" to "THE INSTITUTION" in the amount of  00/100 legal currency in the United Mexican States. This amount can be paid in installments. The mentioned amount may be subject to modification based on the scholarship granted to "THE STUDENT" during the enrollment process, reflected in the final amount to be paid.

b) Payments must be made exclusively through direct debit using a credit card or AMEX, applying this payment method without exception for all our "PROGRAMS," regardless of the modality in which they are taken.

c) "THE STUDENT" is obligated to keep all documents supporting the payments made to "THE INSTITUTION." In case of loss, "THE INSTITUTION" does not take responsibility for the verification of such payments for the benefit of "THE STUDENT."

d) It is the obligation of "THE STUDENT" to cover the amount of the installments and/or scheduled payments independently of attendance to the program; under this clause, there will be no refund of payments.
e) In case of delay or non-compliance with the payment of any of the agreed installments, provided that the domiciled payment methods have been declined, "THE INSTITUTION" is entitled to make an additional charge for late interest at the rate of 10% per week as a conventional penalty. "THE STUDENT" is obligated to cover these additional charges in the temporal order in which they occurred.
f) "THE STUDENT" whose payment default exceeds 15 natural days will not have access to the enrolled "PROGRAM" at "THE INSTITUTION," giving "THE INSTITUTION" the authority to send payment reminders as a courtesy service at different times without conditioning or altering the responsibility for the payment of installments and/or late interest.
g) "THE STUDENT" with outstanding debts in the collection system will not be considered for a different "PROGRAM."
h) "THE STUDENT" with a debt exceeding 15 natural days will not have the right to academic processes such as midterm evaluation, final evaluation, project reviews, issuance of work certification, or any other academic procedure.
i) At the beginning of this contract and once the trial period, which runs from the start of "THE PROGRAM" until the end of three consecutive classes, has been surpassed, "THE STUDENT" is obligated to pay the total amount of "THE PROGRAM" that has been domiciled to their credit card or AMEX.

4.- Fourth. - On Scholarships and Other Types of Incentives

a) "THE INSTITUTION" declares the authority to grant scholarships and academic incentives to its students, tutors, and staff, which will be valid during the period of this contract.

b) "THE INSTITUTION" declares that it has granted "THE STUDENT" an economic scholarship in the "PROGRAM", as indicated in this document, which will be deducted monthly from the amount of each previously described installment.

c) "THE INSTITUTION" also has the authority to withdraw any type of scholarships and academic incentives if "THE STUDENT" fails to comply with the clauses third, eighth, ninth, and tenth of this contract.

d) "THE STUDENT" who fails to attend a "PROGRAM" for which they have been granted a scholarship exceeding 80% will lose the incentive and commit to making the total payment of "THE PROGRAM."

e) "THE INSTITUTION" declares to have a Socialization Program aimed at generating networking not only with industry leaders but also with the community at large. Through networking, it is possible to showcase student results, issue professional recommendation letters for outstanding students who must demonstrate high academic performance and meet the following conditions: have a minimum of 90% attendance, submit required class exercises 100% with high-quality results, and timely submission of reviews, as well as initial, midterm, and final evaluations.

5. Fifth. - Breaches and Contract Cancellations

a) "THE STUDENT" whose payment default exceeds 15 natural days will not have access to the enrolled "PROGRAM" at "THE INSTITUTION." "THE INSTITUTION" is entitled to send payment reminders as a courtesy service at different times without conditioning or altering the responsibility for the payment of installments and/or late interest.

b) "THE STUDENT" with any type of debt in the collection system will not be considered for a different "PROGRAM."

c) "THE STUDENT" with a debt exceeding 15 natural days will not have the right to academic processes such as midterm evaluation, final evaluation, project reviews, or any other academic procedure carried out during that non-payment period.

d) "THE STUDENT" with tuition debt will not have the right to the academic evaluations necessary for the accreditation of their work certification.

e) "THE STUDENT" has the right to request in writing one of the following types of WITHDRAWAL:

Academic Withdrawal: As the contract holder, submit a letter to Academic Coordination of "THE INSTITUTION" explaining the reasons for requesting this withdrawal. It is understood that this does not constitute a termination of the contract, and the student must continue with the regular payment process, with the option to choose a program or cycle change.

Administrative Withdrawal: As the contract holder, submit a letter to Academic Coordination of "THE INSTITUTION" explaining the reasons for requesting this withdrawal, along with the respective supporting documents. Applicable reasons for this withdrawal include job loss, health issues, and change of residence if the program is in on-site modality.

f) The administration has the authority to cancel the contract if the reasons provided are related to employment, change of residence (in the case of an on-site program), or health issues. "THE STUDENT" is obligated to submit the following for contract cancellation: proof of change of residence, a resignation or termination letter on letterhead and signed by the human resources department, and/or proof of disability issued by the relevant health and labor authorities of the country.

g) By fulfilling the aforementioned documents and receiving written authorization from the administration, "THE STUDENT" may terminate this contract and cease payment from the date of submission of the aforementioned proofs.

h) It is important to note that to request any type of withdrawal, "THE STUDENT" must be up to date with payments for the academic program at the time of the request. Similarly, to proceed with the withdrawal authorization, "THE STUDENT" must cover the current month's installment as well as any commission generated by "THE STUDENT."

i) "THE STUDENT" is responsible for formalizing their withdrawal process with "THE INSTITUTION" through its official channels (email, physical visit to the facilities). Failure to do so will require them to continue with regular payments.

j) "THE STUDENT" has the right to a maximum of two contract terminations within their history at "THE INSTITUTION." Upon exceeding the number of terminations, "THE STUDENT" will lose admission rights to "THE INSTITUTION."

k) It is the responsibility of "THE INSTITUTION" and the right of "THE STUDENT" to receive the number of sessions paid for by the student during the period covered by this contract.

6. Sixth. - Program Change

a) For "THE STUDENT" to request a change of "PROGRAM," they must express this within the first three weeks of the program's commencement; otherwise, they are obligated, as per the terms of this contract, to complete the original "PROGRAM" in which they are enrolled.

7. Seventh. - Substitution of the Teacher or Teachers

a) If, eventually, the scheduled tutor cannot teach their class, they will be replaced by another who meets the required profile for the delivery of "THE PROGRAM." "THE INSTITUTION" has the full authority to make this change, and it will promptly notify "THE STUDENT" of any changes, providing information in the usual location for such notifications.

8. Eighth. - Rights of  "THE STUDENT"

a) "THE STUDENT" has the right to be treated with respect, equality, and fairness by tutors, staff, and/or other students; to enjoy the same development opportunities without personal limitations or preferences. They have the right to be respected in their physical, psychological, and moral integrity, to be heard and guided based on their academic and personal needs, and to be informed in a timely manner about school regulations, such as the academic activities calendar, and the services offered by "THE INSTITUTION."

b) "THE STUDENT" has the right to receive necessary information from each "TUTOR" at the beginning of "THE PROGRAM" regarding syllabi, teaching materials, and evaluation criteria. They are entitled to an appropriate personal presentation, punctuality, attendance, class preparation, and the suggested order and methodology in study plans and programs from the "TUTORS."

c) "THE STUDENT" has the right to submit respectful written requests to tutors, staff, and management related to their academic situation. They also have the right for information concerning their academic situation to be handled according to applicable legislation. Other rights are inherent to the nature of their development as a "STUDENT."

d) "THE STUDENT" has the right and obligation to submit three satisfaction evaluations to "THE INSTITUTION." These evaluations will be conducted during the following periods: initial evaluation, midterm evaluation, and final evaluation, with dates communicated by "THE INSTITUTION." It is crucial for "THE STUDENT" to submit these evaluations in a timely manner, as failure to do so with the necessary feedback to "THE INSTITUTION" and/or "THE PROGRAM" will render them invalid at any other time. Additionally, each evaluation represents 10% of their attendance, making it non-controversial in relation to this contract. "THE INSTITUTION" has the authority to withhold the certificate at the end of "THE PROGRAM" if the evaluations are not completed.

9. Ninth. - Suspension of "THE INSTITUTION'S" service to "THE STUDENT"

a) "THE STUDENT" must exhibit behavior of respect, cordiality, and professionalism both within and outside "THE INSTITUTION," as well as respectful interaction with peers, tutors, and "THE INSTITUTION's" staff. Failure to adhere to these principles may lead to suspension.

b) "THE INSTITUTION" has the discretion to suspend the service or "INFRACCIONAR" any student caught causing harm or detriment to the image of "THE INSTITUTION," its tutors, or the working team within/outside "THE INSTITUTION." In the event of such a case, "THE INSTITUTION" will inform "THE STUDENT" of the loss of their academic and administrative record, as well as the direct annulment of their right to "RE-INSCRIPCIÓN" to "THE INSTITUTION," which is an unappealable decision.

10. Tenth. - Regarding the Obtainment of the Certification

a) "THE INSTITUTION" is registered with the Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare of the Mexican government under affiliation number PDI160118RT40013 as an external labor training agent.

b) "THE INSTITUTION" reserves the right to issue this certificate in the event that:

1) "THE STUDENT" has an attendance rate of less than 80% of the enrolled program.

2) "THE STUDENT" does not submit relevant academic evaluations to demonstrate the correct learning of the concepts of "THE PROGRAM."

3) "THE STUDENT" incurs any type of non-compliance with the payment stipulated above.

4) "THE STUDENT" engages in misconduct, lack of cordiality, and unprofessional behavior within and/or outside "THE INSTITUTION" as established in clause nine regarding the suspension of "THE INSTITUTION's" service to "THE STUDENT."

5) "THE STUDENT" who, within the normal hours stipulated in "THE PROGRAM," misses the academic evaluations established therein, understands that for the issuance of the certificate, they have the right to the ex-temporary evaluation, which has a cost of $1,000.00 (one thousand pesos 00/100 MXN) and must be carried out within a period not exceeding three months to successfully complete their evaluation processes and accreditation.

c) "THE STUDENT" is entitled to receive their certification within 30 days after the program's completion from the Academic Coordination.

11. Eleventh. - Validity

These terms and conditions will come into effect from the date previously established in this document and will remain in force until the services offered by "THE INSTITUTION" are fulfilled, and the payments by "THE STUDENT" are completed.

12. Twelfth.- Notices

Any notice or notification required under the terms of this contract will be valid when delivered in person and a receipt is obtained, or sent by certified mail, or email addressed to the following addresses: "THE INSTITUTION": Bucareli 108, Centro, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, Mexico. - academic@taller-fdp.com. "THE STUDENT": , declaring as the means of electronic  contact .

13. Thirteenth.- Authorization for the Use of Data

"THE STUDENT" expressly authorizes "THE INSTITUTION" to incorporate this information into its database and send information about upcoming activities.

14. Fourteenth.- Authorization for Use and Reproduction of Image in Favor of TALLER FDP 

a) TALLER Proyecto para el Desarrollo de la Industria del Vestido S.C. is granted the right to use, reproduce, and publish, either directly or through third parties authorized by them, my image, voice, and any instrumentation, musicalization, and other sound effects produced by me, within the delivery of programs at "THE INSTITUTION" in accordance with Article 87 of the Federal Copyright Law (LFDA).

b) The image authorization is granted for all transmission formats mentioned in Article 27 of the LFDA, including television, the electronic medium called the internet, among others. This authorization is granted in perpetuity from this date onward and without any economic remuneration. I express my will and consent, stating that there is no error, deception, or any other defect in consent that could invalidate this authorization. I hereby release "THE INSTITUTION" from any claims related to participation in the project, acknowledging that I have no right to restrict or participate in the development, distribution, or exploitation of the transmission thereof.

15. Fifteenth.- Privacy Notice

In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, "TALLER" informs "THE STUDENT" that the data obtained by virtue of the execution of this contract will be treated confidentially through the systems provided for such purposes and will be used for the operation and registration of the contractual relationship in question.

16. Sixteenth.- Confidentiality Notice

The "STUDENT" accepts and acknowledges that due to the negotiation, execution, and signing of this contract, they have had and will have access to various information related to the operations of "TALLER," which is not available to other individuals. In this context, the "STUDENT" acknowledges that such information is considered secret and confidential, whether it is in document form, record, electronic medium, printed medium, acoustic medium, audiovisual medium, verbal information, or any other kind. Therefore, the "STUDENT" undertakes to keep the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION strictly secret and not to disclose, use, dispose of, reproduce, copy, share, or in any other way make use of such CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION under any circumstances and at any time other than specifically for the purposes of this Contract. This obligation shall take effect from the beginning of the validity of this Contract and shall subsist for 5 years after its conclusion.In the event of a breach by the "STUDENT" of the obligations contained in this clause, "TALLER" is authorized to take legal action.

17. Seventeenth.- Force Majeure or Act of God 

In the event of "FORCE MAJEURE OR ACT OF GOD" situations such as earthquakes, fires, floods, wars, pandemics, and any situation beyond the control of "THE INSTITUTION" that leads to the cessation of activities for a determined or undetermined period, "THE INSTITUTION" shall have the unrestricted right to modify the study plans: programs, teaching methods, and tutors assigned to everyone enrolled in "THE PROGRAM," giving notice with sufficient time for preparation.

18. Eighteenth.- Limitation of Liability

a) To the maximum extent permitted by law, we accept no liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage, foreseeable or otherwise, including any indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from the use of the Website or any information contained therein. You should be aware that you use the Website and its Content at your own risk.

b) In the event that any of these terms are found to be unlawful, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, that term is to be deemed severed from these Terms and Conditions and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining Terms and Conditions. This term shall apply only within jurisdictions where a particular term is illegal.

19. Nineteenth.- Jurisdiction

For all matters relating to the interpretation, execution, and fulfillment of this contract, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the competent Civil Courts of Mexico City, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction or forum to which they may be entitled, by reason of their present or future domiciles or for any other cause. 
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