Start: March 26th, 2024
Duration: 6 months, 72 study hours
Sessions: Mondays 8:00 to 11:00 (CST)

Fashion Thinking Lab

Fashion Thinking Lab

Become a Critical Fashion Mind

Join our Fashion Thinking Lab, a transformative certificate program that delves into contemporary critical thinking on fashion. You'll explore semiotics, social theory, philosophy and much more, inspiring you to develop a personal and critical viewpoint across different realms of the fashion industry.

  • On-Live program

    Live video lessons with
    recorded version
  • 6 months -
    72 study hours

    • Weekly: 3 h live sessions
    • Total: 44 h theory, 28 h practice
  • Geopolitical Perspectives

    Get unique insights into the
    socio-cultural fabric of the fashion industry
  • Completion certificate

    • OCDE Standards
    • Labor certification
      with government
  • Grow with
    the best

    Upper manager level tutors with
    10+ years of real industry experience
  • Designed
    for you

    Cultural critics, curators, fashion professionals and creative 
  • Language: English

    International students from all countries are welcome
  • Constructive approach

    Develop the skills you need when you
    need them
  • Critical viewpoint 

    Develop a unique perspective on
    fashion to stand out with your project


Unlock the Layers of Fashion's Narrative: Elevate your style intelligence with our unique Fashion Thinking Lab. 

Dive into the heart of fashion's discourse, where every thread tells a story and emerge as a thought leader in the evolving landscape of style. Your journey to becoming a fashion expert begins now!

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This program is tailored for:

  • Fashion Enthusiasts and Scholars: Ideal for those passionate about fashion, offering a deep dive into contemporary critical thinking.
  • Fashion Professionals: Individuals aspiring to enter the fashion industry with a nuanced perspective.
  • Cultural Critics and Curators: Suited for those interested in cultural criticism and curation within fashion.
  • Entrepreneurs and Industry Insiders: Offering insights into the evolution of fashion amidst mass consumption, socio-cultural diversity and societal inequalities.
  • Marketing and Communication Professionals: Explores the impact of consumer culture, the society of spectacle and digitalization, enhancing strategic thinking.
  • Global Thinkers and Cultural Analysts: Addressing geopolitical aspects of consumption models, exploring racism and inequality in fashion.

Unique knowledge you will gain through this program:

Unique knowledge you will gain through this program:

Contemporary Critical Thinking in Fashion:

Gain a deep understanding of contemporary critical thinking in fashion, exploring semiotics, social theory, philosophy, psychoanalysis, aesthetics and sociology through the lens of influential thinkers.

Deconstruction of Fashion Paradigms:

Explore the deconstruction of historical fashion paradigms, examining the transformation of fashion in the modern era, the blurring of distinctions between the distinguished and the mass, and the construction of meaning through fashion.

Cultural Impact on Fashion:

Analyze the intersection of fashion and culture, investigating the homogenization of culture, the role of fashion in the cultural industry and the construction of the consumer in response to societal shifts.

Societal Dynamics and Spectacle: 

Delve into the societal dynamics of fashion, studying the spectacle of merchandise, the critique of everyday life and the implications of fashion in a society heavily influenced by digitalization and psychopolitics.

Geopolitical Perspectives in Fashion:

Explore geopolitical aspects of fashion consumption models, addressing racism and fashion, and critically examining challenging concepts offering unique insights into the socio-cultural fabric of the fashion industry.

Empowerment for Critical Fashion Analysis:

Acquire conceptual tools to think critically and reflectively about fashion, empowering yourself to address complex questions related to distinction, elitism, artistic creation and innovation within the fashion industry.


Take a critical and reflective approach to fashion, gaining insights that will shape your perspectives in the industry. Enroll in Fashion Thinking Lab and gain a deep understanding of critical thinking in fashion.

Program Content

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Meet your tutor

Our tutors are upper-level professionals from the fashion industry with more than 10 years of experience. Our tutors are based all around the world and always bring the latest knowledge into the live classroom.

TALLER has a strong core group of tutors together with a large network of nieche professionals giving unique masterclasses as invited tutors. TALLER team together with all the tutors is working consistently on on making the programmes captivating and industry-relevant.  


Academin & PH.D researcher

Curator and design critic. She currently directs CAPITALES, a gallery and design consultancy with clients such as Público Coworking, Tampico Government, Trendsétera, fashion brands, among others. She is the founder and former director of the international festival Abierto Mexicano de Diseño. She holds a master's degree in contemporary design curation from Kingston University, London. She has curated numerous exhibitions, including the first Mexican exhibition in London for the Architecture Festival presented by RIBA.


Academin & PH.D researcher

He is a UNAM academic and Ph.D. researcher at the University of Freiburg, specializing in contemporary phenomenology, particularly in political phenomenology. His research spans "History of Aesthetics," "Deconstruction," "Phenomenology," "Contemporary Ontology," and "Critical Theory." A recipient of Conacyt and DAAD scholarships, he contributed to the "Global Pathways" project (2019) at the Free University of Berlin, focusing on international relations knowledge production. He has coordinated educational projects for indigenous groups in Ecuador (2008) and served as the director of the Hispanic Academy of Complexity Sciences with a focus on Transdisciplinarity (2019). Author of "Acontecer inaparente" (BUAP, Puebla, 2022) and "Heidegger: Del sentido a la historia" (Plaza y Valdés, Madrid, 2014).

Our Educational Philosophy

TALLER’s educational approach is based on constructivism, critical thinking, student autonomy, experiential learning, cross-disciplinary perspectives and a strong emphasis on ethical and sustainable practices within the fashion and luxury industry.

At TALLER, we dive into the philosophical inquiries of fashion, drawing inspiration from thinkers like Heidegger, and embrace deconstruction as a tool for reshaping societal norms. We challenge the dominant business models in the fashion industry, fostering new possibilities in design, technology, and discourse. Through our cross-sectional training, we aim to cultivate competence, creativity, and sustainability, believing in a holistic approach to inhabiting the world favorably.

Our Methodology and Pedagogy

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Let's redefine the fashion rules together! Enroll and be part of a community that believes in the power of critical thinking and taking new approaches in fashion industry.

Years developing the
fashion industry

Participants in our
academic programs

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TALLER Certificates

TALLER is an external training agent for the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Government of the United Mexican States. All our programs offer labor certification with government validity, however our main focus in education is on your real-life experiences and skills relevant for the current needs of the fashion industry.  Typically a single certificate program takes 6-7 months with a possibility to join the immersion week or Masters specialization. 

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Unlock Your Potential

The Master specialization

Obtain a Single certificate or elevate your credentials to a Master specialization with up to 6 Single certificates, at a minimal cost difference!

What our students say

Fashion Stylist

TALLER taught me that I am capable of anything I set my mind to, that I have many abilities, talents, and that I can do it. Above all, it showed me that I have my own style with which I can change the world.

Fashion Magazine

This educational institution aims to transform the way education operates in our country by fostering the productive, creative, and competitive development of students within the fashion industry in Mexico. Whether you're a student or a professional, Taller FDP has something for you.

Revista Código
Art, Architechture & Design Magazine

Conversations go beyond mere trends and delve into economics, production processes, textile biases, the genuine history behind aesthetics, and a somewhat unfamiliar or misunderstood word within Mexican fashion circles: "market." (...) TALLER aims to formulate a response to the challenges facing the industry, addressing issues from creation to commercialization.


Join us on a journey that transcends borders and get skills to navigate the intricate tapestry of the fashion industry. 

Frequently asked questions

What can I do after finishing the program? 

After graduating from this program, you will be well-prepared to embark on various career paths within the fashion industry, equipped with unique perspectives and critical thinking skills:

Fashion Analyst and Researcher: Conduct in-depth analyses of contemporary fashion trends, consumer behaviors, and cultural dynamics, providing valuable insights for fashion brands, media, or research institutions.
Cultural Strategist in Fashion Marketing: Bridge the gap between fashion and culture by developing strategies that resonate with diverse audiences, addressing issues of homogenization, societal dynamics, and the construction of the consumer.
Fashion Curator and Creative Director: Curate exhibitions or lead creative projects that challenge traditional notions of fashion, incorporating elements of distinction, massiveness, and the societal impact of fashion in the modern era.
Fashion Consultant on Societal Issues: Offer consultancy services to fashion brands, helping them navigate geopolitical challenges, addressing racism and promoting inclusivity, and providing guidance on cultural sensitivity in the global fashion market.
Critical Fashion Writer or Educator: Share your insights and knowledge through critical writing, contributing to fashion publications or academic institutions, and inspiring the next generation with a reflective understanding of fashion's role in society.

What is the entrance level to enroll into the program? 

We do not require a specific education level to study in TALLER, however our programs are designed for motivated people who are serious about their education and career in fashion. You need to be able to study in English, have a semi or professional photo camera and have time for weekly 3 hour live sessions and practical photo assignments

What is an on-live program? 

On-live program means weekly live Zoom sessions with your tutor and the study group. You can join the live sessions or watch the class in recording. We strongly encourage you to attend the live sessions to get the most of this education, however all the live sessions are available in recording to watch at your own pace later. 

What is the on-live sessions schedule? 

The on-live sessions run from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM CST. This is a time zone used in North America, including parts of the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America.It is important to note the corresponding times for different locations. For example: 

  • California (PT): Commences at 6:00 AM PT and concludes at 9:00 AM PT.
  • Tokyo (JST): Starts at 12:00 AM JST (next day) and finishes at 3:00 AM JST (next day).
  • London (GMT): Kicks off at 2:00 PM GMT and wraps up at 5:00 PM GMT.

Taking time zones into consideration will ensure you don't miss out on any part of the sessions!

What should I do if I can't join the on-live sessions?

All the sessions will be recorded for you to access at your convenience if you cannot attend them live. However, it is necessary to submit a minimum of 80% of the required projects to qualify for a certificate. 

What are the enrollment payment options?

We offer two enrollment options for our program, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Single Payment: Free enrollment fee with a 30% discount on the total program cost. 

Monthly Payment: You will pay a USD 99 enrollment fee at the beginning and seven installments of USD 275. Your payments will start when the program begins and we will bill you automatically every month. Plus, for a limited time, we're offering a $25 USD discount on your monthly payment. 

Is there any enrollment fee for this program? 

An USD 99 enrollment fee is required only if you opt for a monthly payment method.

What happens if my scheduled tutor is unable to work in the program?

All the tutors are highly experienced professionals, each of them with at least 10 years of career in the fashion industry. They all hold open management positions. If, eventually, the scheduled tutor cannot work in the program due to professional issues, they will be replaced by another who meets the required profile for the delivery of  the programs, ensuring high standards for the sessions.

Book a call

 Do you have more questions or doubts about the programme? We would love to tell you more on a personal call. Just book it in the calendar and get the all the answers.  

Book a call

 Do you have more questions or doubts about the programme? We would love to tell you more on a personal call. Just book it in the calendar and get the all the answers.  


Are you ready to embark on an exciting exploration of  the fashion industry? Unleash your intellectual couture and redefine your journey in the fashion industry with us. 
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